The betting markets for tennis fans have exploded in recent years as more and more punters look at other sports to build a case for an easy win with. Tennis fans have embraced this as they’re able to put their player knowledge to the test with the involvement of money, to make it that little more interesting.

It’s possible to build your own tennis accumulator or outright winning bet, but this can only be done effectively after you’ve worked out how all tennis betting markets work. You won’t find too many websites with information on how to bet on tennis but TeamFA are one that’s worth checking out, as they provide everything you need to know about betting on tennis in extensive previews, as well as tennis predictions and tips on all of the major tennis matches.

Markets for betting on tennis

Like every other sportyou can bet on, the outcome of the match always comes at the top of the page for each event. This is then followed by an assortment of bookmaker markets covering what’s most commonly known as ‘Set Betting’. Betting on sets offers the punter with options to predict the winner of the first set, the scoreline for the current set and whether or not there’ll be a tie break in the current set.

The rise in popularity surrounding the ability to build your own bet has meant that betting on things like tennis are more enjoyable than ever before, with ways of improving your current price by adding in how a player will win a given match that originally only had them to win the match outright. Opportunities like this will always improve the odds, making it less likely to happen than merely backing an outcome but also making it more tempting to bet on.

Statistics markets are another part of betting that has given punters far more freedom with what they’re getting behind. Tennis only has a small selection of stats to bet on but the ones they have pretty much cover all bases, with all numbers covered surrounding both players. Handicaps are one of the most likely markets to feature in a typical tennis match page. You can’t win by overtly high deficits in tennis, but you can back either player to win by a handicap of under or over 2.5 games, as well as sometimes offering under or over 3.5 games.