February 2019


The trade of the trader is most often associated with the stock market

It consists in very broad lines to buy and sell shares according to a certain course that reflects the confidence in the performance of such or such financial product. In a bookmaker, the sports betting trader has for mission to fix the courses of possible sports issues, namely the odds. It is on them that players bet and its role is to decide according to different criteria. One must analyze the “objective” probabilities. Harvesting raw data is usually outsourced to specialized companies that provide traders with their reports.

Refining odds taking into account the profitability for the bookmaker

Adjustments according to the behavior of the punter, for example, most players bet on teams whose victory seems obvious. Since in France, sports bettors do not bet on each other but against the sports betting site, risk analysis is a crucial dimension of the profession. An error in the forecasts and the establishment of the odds means significant losses for the operator being able to be in tens of thousands of dollars. In order to know more about the PPH Bookie, you must always seek the help of the internet.

Attract new bettors

Having attractive odds is in itself an asset for a bookmaker. However, this is not enough to encourage new bettors to join him and make a difference to the competition. This is why depending on his experience and a trader often has to collaborate with the marketing department, whether purely advisory or operational. For example, he can participate in the implementation of promotional operations (welcome bonuses, challenges, special combined bets). More generally, his constant listening to the market is essential to make the right decisions. He can find support in the regular reports of the Regulatory Authority of Online Games on player behavior. Likewise, he must be vigilant in the face of changes in legislation. At present, no training can boast of actually training in this trade. It must be said that this is a rather marginal profession, including within sports related professions. As a result, few traders have become so by vocation, but rather by chance after various studies and in the background a real passion for the sport.

The required qualities

Very demanding this job is not suitable for anyone who knows the sport and marketing well. One must still be able to shoulder the important responsibility related to the running of odds, especially when one is brought to work on a strategic sport like football, and even worse on a central event like a world cup. This is also why a former trader in finance who is used to the pressure and wishing to reconvert may be tempted by the profession. In addition, you have to be ready to work with very flexible schedules, since the championships are often held in the evening or during the weekend.

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