September 2019


Roulette Betting Strategies That You Should Not Rely On

Are you looking to jump into the adventuring and thrilling world of online gambling? There are more than 1500 of the best games on the market today to be played for free or real money. When you play these games online, you’ll certainly have great fun. The good news is that there are multiple versions available for most of the games such as blackjack, baccarat, etc.

Of all online gambling games, the most popular titles that are greatly admired by worldwide players are highly entertaining live casino games, played against real dealers. The realistic atmosphere and the presence of professional real dealers make people experience the feel of land-based gambling venues right from their home comfort even on their hands. To play roulette with a live dealer online, it is essential to use the proven strategies as recommended by industry experts.

It is found that to get a huge roulette win, a player has to take the biggest risk. Following are the roulette strategies that are failed by their basic design.

  • The John Wayne Strategy

This strategy requires placing at least 10 bets at a time on the roulette table, but this is not enough. A player has to select 2 numbers from the middle column and bet at least once on each. Place a minimum wager on all 4 corners for selected numbers. Total, it will include 18 numbers. Although this strategy may work by slowing down the losses, the possibility of hitting one of those 4 numbers is 10-11%.

  • Make 2 Outside Bets At The Same Time

Outside bets pay 2-to-1 for 12 number bets and 1-to-1 for even/odd or black/red bets. A player has to cover around 26 out of 36 black and red numbers. It is highly advised not to bet on column and green. While using this strategy, you’ll more likely to affect your bankroll.

  • The Martingale Strategy

Most people think that this roulette strategy works for them because they believe that they will win back more than what they have lost. Practically, this is not true, in fact, most of the players lose their hard-earned money quickly.

  • The Missing Outside Bet

This is a variation on the Martingale Strategy and based on the Gambler’s Fallacy, which assumes that random chance support outcome not considered in current plays. This strategy requires a player to increase the bet each time they lose the game. The major problem associated with this type of roulette system is that a roulette wheel has no memory.

Try to avoid all of these strategies, no matter you’re playing French roulette games, American roulette or other versions. If not possible, try to use them carefully to play without going beyond your budget.

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