Slotxo: Providing You The Best Online Slots In Thailand

Gambling has existed since humanity discovered the different modes of amusement and entertainment through money and other precious objects. Over the years, the  Chinese and gambling so great evolution, and the games improved with the introduction of new rules and a large variety of prototypes. This further led to the development of Casino and Poker, which had various categories of games, including card games and slot games that could be played either for fun and entertainment or to make money and earn a decent income.

Hike in the number of online gambling players and the growth of the online gambling industry.

2019 saw a rapid increase in the number of online gambling players, and research was conducted that proved that the online Casino and gambling industry would keep on increasing and increasing in the coming years because of the large number of players showing interest and playing a great variety of online Casino and poker games that are available on the internet. One of the many popular and trusted websites for playing online slots is slotxo.


Why players prefer playing online slots?

The major reason why most gamblers prefer to play slot games online rather than offline in a casino is the diverse range of these games. On the online mode, you can play various types of themed slot games that are not only very interesting but can also help you earn a good amount of money if you are lucky enough.

History of slots machines

City Sittman and Pit company designed the first slot machines. However, Charles Fay, can a migrant who shifted from German to New Jersey, is known as the father of slot machines because he was the one who created the design that later modified and was used by almost all of the casino clubs and poker hubs. The first slot machine created by Charles Fay was known as “The Liberty Bell,” and it comprises three reels and 20 pictures.

In the year 1907, Charles Fay collaborated with a company called Mills Novelty, and the production of the Liberty Bell turned into a great business for both parties. After this collaboration, the first slot machine’s name, “Liberty Bell,” was changed to “Mills Liberty Bell.” This version of the slot machine was a modified model of the traditional slot machine, and it accepted 5 cent coins, and minimum payments were given out.

In this way, the slot machines kept on developing, and in 1950 the electromechanical models consisting of an engine appeared in the gambling market. It was one of the most loved ones of the slot machine because it could easily accept as many as 500 coins. The payment you are made out instantly and automatically with the improvised electro-mechanical technique.

Finally, the online slots were introduced, and it became the most popular mode of playing slots among the Gamblers. To find the best online slots in Thailand, you must visit pg slot, an online Casino provider in Thailand.